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General InformDimensions
Total Area4.000 sqm
Closed Area (Total, incl. Offices)2.500 sqm
Closed Area (Production, only)5.000 sqm
Height under the Hook6.90 m
Distance to International Port~400 km
Cranes2 Overhead Cranes, Capacity: 20 tons (in Operation) 1 Portal Crane, Capacity: 15 tons
Cutting Capacityup to 120 mm
Cutting MachinesCNC Plasma Cutting (3 m x 12 m) Manual Plasma Cutting Torches
Rolling Capacityup to 32 mm (S235JR) with Ø2,500 mm radius
Rolling Machines3-roll 2.5 m wide
Welding Methods15 (PAW), 111 (SMAW), 121 (SAW), 131 (MIG), 135 (MAG), 136 (FCAW), 141 (GTAW)
Column-Boom SAW Machines4 ea, with 5 m x 5 m dimensions, 1200 A
SAW Tractors4 ea, 1200 A
Portable Welding MachinesOver 50