Safety Policy


In MAT Heavy Industry, the most important pillar of every step taken is the prevention of accidents. For this purpose, the determination to fully comply with the requirements of the most advanced and latest standards is in no way dispensed with. This commitment applies not only to our employees, but also to suppliers, contractors, collaborating companies and customers.

In this direction, MAT Heavy Industry has established a risk prevention management system in accordance with the requirements of the internationally accepted ISO 45001 standard, and compliance with this management system is regularly checked with internal audits both at the headquarters and in field work at different locations. In each country where we work, the conditions set by that country’s laws are taken into account.

One of the main objectives of MAT Heavı Industry’s general policy is to promote, implement and maintain the occupational risk prevention policy at the highest level of protection for employees in a completely preventive manner and in accordance with the following commitments, in full compliance with the current legislation and our commitments to our customers.

  • Occupational Risk Prevention is managed by Management with a solid and visible commitment and is integrated into all levels of the Organization.
  • All works are carried out in a 100% safe way, in case of doubt or conflict, the work is stopped.
  • Each employee is 100% responsible for Risk Prevention for both himself/herself and his/her colleagues and must actively participate in this process.
  • The proper planning and organization of the daily business, with start-up speeches, is a key factor in Risk Prevention.
  • Communication matrices are the most direct intermediaries for integrating Risk Prevention into daily operation.
  • In addition to follow-up the developments regarding main activities and technology, MAT Heavy Industry also pays attention to the continuous training and improvement of the personnel.
  • MAT Heavy Industry’s most important principle is SECURITY. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE LIVES OF PEOPLE!